Sharing a plan with your team can be hard

ColonyDB makes it easy with interconnected visualisations to explain how everything fits together. Sign-up for early access so you can create plans your entire team will embrace.

Gantt charts

Visualize project timelines and manage dependencies between work.

Cashflow projections

Quickly put together financial models to plan for the future.

Employee directory

Make it easy for everyone to know who is in the team and what they do.

Org charts

Quickly visualize how your organisation fits together in an easy-to-share format.


Group employees into departments, ad-hoc working groups or anything inbetween.


Group related entities to keep them organised and discoverable.


Present information in a familiar and easy to understand format.


Define rules to ensure key information stays in sync.

More on the way!

Read about our vision to see what we’ve got planned.