Make your team more efficient with a modern knowledge base

ColonyDB makes it easier for your team to share ideas and document institutional knowledge. Spend less time stuck in information sharing meetings and more time making your ideas a reality.

Visualizations to convey complex ideas succinctly

ColonyDB has powerful visualizations for a wide variety of use cases. Focus on getting your ideas right, not how to present them.

Bidirectional links to connect related information

The knowledge graph at the core of ColonyDB makes exploration easy. Get the context you need to see how your work fits into the bigger picture.

Rules to automate documentation updates

Use ColonyDB's rules to keep important details synchronized. Create documentation that is always relevant and get notified when things change.


Gantt charts

Manage timelines and dependencies across multiple streams of work.

Cashflow projections

Create cashflow forecasts based on estimated income and expenses.

Org charts

Use roles and reporting lines to describe organizational structures.

Employee directory

Provide a quick overview of employees with important details and key dates.


Define clear roles and responsibilities for temporary or permanent teams.


Present information in a concise and flexible format.